Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Diabetes cure?

A nocturnal frog found in the amazon may in fact be the answer for millions every year who are diagnosed with diabetes. The Pseudis paradoxa has the ability to shrink as it grows older. This amazing ability is due to a peptide called psuedin-2 which stimulates the release of insulin. Although the research has only just begun, these amazing frogs they have already found so much information.
(Figure 1) A Pseudis paradoxa

It is hypothesized that this peptide could boost insulin numbers for people who have type 2 diabetes. This is very important because this kind of diabetes is prevalent as it is triggered by one's lifestyle and food intake.

Recent tests have shown that in cultured cells this drug has managed to increase insulin production by 50 percent. Another interesting observation about the paradoxical frogs is that the offspring are actually bigger than the parents, with the tadpoles being roughly 27cm and the adults 4cm. Although this discovery is shown to help to produce insulin in cultured cells it still may be a long time before this drug may be available for humans.

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