Monday, May 26, 2008

Genetic code linked to obesity

Scientists found that there is a section of genetic code which has been linked to obesity and they hope the findings can assist the treating of obesity. People who are suffering from expanding waist lines, gaining excessive weight and having diabetes should pay attention to this passage.
It is very common in people with Indian Asian rather than European ancestry. The DNA sequence is combined with gaining two kilogram in weight, two centimetre expansion of waist circumference and the tendency to become resistant to insulins, which cannot convert glucose in to glycogen, resulting in a Type 2 diabetes. It is one of the explanation why they expect 40% of the population of Indian Asians will have global heart disease by 2020.

It actually calls Melanocortin 4 receptor, short term MC4R. It is a human gene. It regulates energy levels in the body by influencing how much energy we use and conserve. The researchers believe that the DNA sequence plays the role to control the MC4R gene.

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