Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alcoholism: ‘Rums’ in the Family

With binge drinking on the rise, alcoholism is a disorder that has recently gained significant media attention. Alcohol dependence affects millions of people worldwide with significant impacts on the individual’s health and social relationships. Current research has found that genes play an important role in the likelihood of alcohol dependence.

Recent studies conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine and the Psychiatry Institute of St Louis have convincingly demonstrated that there is a relationship between genes and the abuse of alcohol. The studies of twins, families and adoption all showed evidence of this relationship with estimates of heritability in both men and women found to be between 50 and 60 percent.

Researchers are now looking to uncover specific genes associated with alcohol susceptibility. One of the genes thought to increase the risk of developing alcoholism is the gene related to a receptor which enables movement of the inhibitory chemical Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) between nerve cells. GABA is a chemical found mainly in the central nervous system and is thought to be involved in the actions of individuals under the influence of alcohol.

The challenge for future researchers lies in discovering how specific genes influence the risk of developing alcoholism. This discovery would lead to insights into the control of genetic susceptibility. Despite all the evidence connecting genetic inheritance and alcohol dependency, environmental influences still appear to be the determining factor in developing alcohol dependence problems.
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_nice_ said...

In some situation, genes plays an important role in the likelihood of alcohol because there is also an instances that not a family as a whole engaged in alcoholism. The influenced of an individual is based on how he faced his world and on how he handled his self. But, if he really wanted to follow the steps of what his family stands, then we can not do something just to control him. It might be that, in that way, he can find his satisfaction in life and when we talk about satisfaction, it is his choice or our choice. Even I, I do not want anybody block my way.

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