Sunday, April 27, 2008

Detailed gene map will lift lid on diseases

In this article it tells the tale of why different people are susceptible to different diseases than other people. All of this could be proven why just by looking at one person's set of genes by the mapping tool of life. British and American scientists have come together to figure out the reasons behind diseases, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer and how do they come about obtaining them.
The scientists know that 99% of all people are identical by their genes but its the other one percent that the scientists want to have a look at. In this one percent they will know why and how different people are susceptible to the conditions in which are killing humanity off. With a couple of experiments the scientists are able to map out the whether the patients have an ancestry from Europe, Africa, Japan, China, India and Mexico. Also with this knowledge they can allow scientists to pinpoint the genetic causes of common disorders swiftly and help tailor medical treatments to individual patients.


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