Wednesday, April 9, 2008

presence of original cells nervous in the human spinal-cord

The original cells nervous, compensating the losses of neurones, are present in the adult human spinal-cord, according to an official statement of the french institute of Inserm medical. Their work was published in March 2008 in the journal of neuroscience research.
These adult original cells could potentially contribute to repair the spinal-cord of people having undergone a traumatic lesion.
They could also find a therapeutic use in neurodegeneratve diseases such as amyotrophic sclerosis causing paralysis.
The spinal-cord is located in the prolongation of the brain inside the spinal column. It ensures the good performance of a network of driving neurons essential to the movements but also with the transmission of the sensitive signals (of which the pain) and controls other functions (sphincters and génito-sexual). Currently the lesions affecting this wiring of neurons are irreversible.

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