Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Healing faster

Have you ever wished a cut or burn would heal faster and leave no scars? Research from the University of Bristol suggests that this can happen in the future by simply applying a gel. When a cut or burn occurs, blood vessels constrict to decrease the amount of blood loss. After a blood clot is formed by the platelets, in response to the completion of the clot the blood vessel enlarges to allow white blood cells to fight off the foreign invaders In addition the white blood cells bring collagen to help heal the skin, which also produces the scar. One of the genes responsible for scars is the osteopontin (OPN). Therefore by creating a gel that suppresses this gene, it could accelerate healing and leave no scar.

University of Bristol (2008, January 24). Skin Care: Scar-free Healing Shown With Gene Suppression. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 16, 2008, from¬ /releases/2008/01/080121080355.htm

Hung Le

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